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Making shoe last

Shoe last is made by integrating shoemaker’s expertise, study of ergonomics and aesthetics, which serves as a starting point and aspiration for shoemaker.

Drawing blueprint

Our drawer will draw and cut out detailed blueprint of every part of shoe upper based on shoe last according to designer’s manuscript.

Cutting raw material

Our shoemaker will draw on selected raw material according to blueprint and cut it to make shoe upper. Every component’s edge will be folded to make it more delicate and avoid the rough parts of raw material from being exposed, as well as to extend upper’s shelf life, which is a vital procedure.


Every part of upper will be stitched. Our shoemaker will stitch in a perfect manner, and half finished upper comes out gradually.

Shaping upper

Upper will be installed on shoe last semi-manually, and shaped the same as shoe last in wet and hot environment. The wrapped upper will be heated in oven to get shaped and achieve long durability.

Sole laying

After taking upper out of oven and waiting for it to cool down, shoemaker can pull out fixed staples before laying sole. Shoemaker uses special grinding wheel to polish up upper’s bottom, which is a big challenge to shoemaker’s experience. Shoemaker is supposed to ensure the bottom is plat and smooth for cementing, so that the finished keeping you company to a bright future.

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